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Vectis Card Terms and Conditions


We recommend you familiarise yourself with our user terms and conditions before using the Vectis Card. You may also wish to retain a copy for future reference. If anything isn't clear then please contact us.



For Vectis Card Holders:

Our Vectis Card enables access to savings arranged with retailers to save you money. You will have access to the Vectis Card offers, app and website for the duration of the contract with our client. We reserve the right to deny users access to the website without prior notice and at any time. We work hard to ensure all information on the website is valid and accurate. If we make a mistake we'll put things right as soon as we are aware of the mistake so you don't lose out. Whilst we make every effort to ensure our offers and information advertised on our website are exclusive, valid and correct some retail partner and service providers may promote offers and services outside and above what we advertise on our website.


The client and retail partner and service providers can change or withdraw their offer, services or information at any time and sometimes without notice. We endeavor to inform you and update our information immediately but acknowledge that there may be times that some of the information advertised maybe incorrect. The retail partner and service providers that feature on this website have been chosen by us for their service, product quality, reputation and commitment to customer satisfaction.


We agree to:


We will endeavor to keep you fully informed in resolving your complaint. However, subject to our commitment to you, please note:


Use of Our Information and Discounts:


If you have been found to have distributed codes, you may be subject to the following actions: